Frigid Women – The Wife Desired, Fr. Kinsella, 1950’s

Being at least open to having more children or adopting if not being able to conceive adds a certain spontaneity, eagerness, and fullness to the marriage that may not exist otherwise.

Finer Femininity

Wonderful books by Father Kinsella:
The Wife DesiredThe Man For Her

frigid-valentine-001 Of late years a lot is heard of so called frigid women. I venture to say that frigidity is a fairly modern concept. I cannot recall meeting the expression in the literature of the past centuries. We are told now that a majority of women were made by God to be incapable of being ideal wives. They have no relish for marital relations. The whole business is obnoxious to them. They only suffer it with varying degrees of grace. According to the theory most women marry only out of curiosity and in quest of security. I humbly suggest that this is a lot of blabberdash, if it does not border on the blasphemous, to blame the Creator for such a monstrous situation. God created the two sexes to propagate the human race. Between them He placed an attraction…

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