Suspicion – The Wife Desired, Fr. Leo Kinsella 1950’s

Wow..This post is right on time. For any wife struggling to overcome suspicion or jealousy I recommend this entry as a hard and fast reminder of the salty woman you don’t want to become.

Finer Femininity

This post paints a pretty bleak picture of a woman who is obsessed with suspicion. Let us hope we don’t fall into this trap…and nip the beginnings of it in the bud! As you can see, after reading this post, suspicion, uncontrolled, is most unbecoming and makes a fool out of the one whose heart is filled with this vice!

My disclaimer.

From The Wife Desired, Fr. Leo Kinsella

Fundamentally, a suspicious woman is a cynic who believes that all human conduct is directed wholly by self-interest or self-indulgence. Insecure in this cold, evil world, she must protect herself. She trusts no one. All must prove themselves innocent, else they are guilty.

There is something in her of the hypocrisy of Diogenes, shuffling along with a lantern looking for an honest man. He was blinded by his own light and not very honest. In his most desperate moment of loneliness…

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