I’m Back!! &Tomi Lauren Rant

Dear Readers I am delighted to return to my blog after a long hiatus. I am now a mother of eight beautiful children residing here in Austin, Texas. I am my husband’s wife and proud to be claimed.In these days and times that is a big deal you know? Someone posted on face book that it is easy to get the ring, but can you keep it? I disagreed. It seems to me that these days women are throwing the ring away! lol…Didn’t we just hear about Tomi Lauren giving back her 50,000 engagement ring? Could you imagine wearing something that expensive on your finger? And such a tender sentiment of love and devotion it was. Next thing you know she gets on some public page or another and records a video fussing at boyish men, then reads them her list of demands. Ha ha! you can’t make this up. I won’t go over her demands, suffice it to say she was part wrong and part right about the dating approach [ or should I say none dating approach?] of millennial men. Something or another about how they want to be pen pals texting all day instead of manning up and setting a date for an actual meeting, and How they need to value a high value woman who isn’t a Thottiana. (Thot : That Ho over There) One simply can not go around telling males how to be men and then expect them to fawn over you. It’s completely against nature. I’m happy with my stubborn man. I go on my rants every blue moon and My Dear Husband goes on with business as usual. It really is what I have always appreciated about him. My Dear Husband is his own man regardless. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

What about you? Have you ever thrown away an engagement ring or even worse..a marriage? well only you can be the judge of what is best for you, I’m only being cheeky. MUAH like you for reading Love you for commenting!

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