Being dependent on a husband SOMETIMES sucks..

First of all I am a housewife. I stay home. Now that we are down to one vehicle, a very nice and accommodating one, I don’t get the opportunity to travel too often due to my husbands work schedule. Even if I did, there would be little money for me to spend. The best way to save money is to NOT go out and do so LOL. Anyway speaking of money ; I recently lost my husbands $800.00 BACKUP phone! How does a housewife, well meaning, and CHRISTIAN manage do that?! Well  I believe it has something to do with the beer I had before going outdoors to play Frisbee with my daughter in our front yard. I live in an apartment complex so there was many opportunities for a stranger, or neighbor, to capitalize on my mistake of dropping my phone and not noticing (I blame the alcohol!) Ever since I lost it, I feel like I’m on my husbands s*it list! Maybe I’m just feeling guilty for losing it and reading into insignificant things ( like him not waking me up for the late night food run to Jack in the box to get my order! I woke up and discovered he and my 9 year old daughter laughing and snacking on the grub at about 5 am. Hey, it’s the summer time, these things happen!) Maybe it’s the fact that he keeps mumbling the words, “I can’t believe you lost that phone!” ” How you lose the backup phone?” is another phrase he’s mumbled to himself within earshot of me. I know this is a small matter to rant about, but none the less here we are! I just think that sometimes being dependent sucks! It sucks for him having to replace expensive lost or broken items on an already stretched budget, and it sucks for the wife who would like to fix her expensive mistakes. However, it is a blessed postion, being dependent. I believe a dependent wife grows and stretches her husband into a respectful man in more ways than just his budget!:) And by the way, I think I may enjoy this hiatus of him being adgitated with me, as I will get called on less to do things around the house. Hey, we have five children who can get him a sandwich! 🙂

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