Husbands, Would Your Wife Rather Be Home? Encourage Her!

Great insights for homemakers!

Dr. Lloyd Stebbins

The modern American culture has swerved so far away from the 7-millennium long traditional family-centered culture to the current career-centered culture that young women are virtually forced by cultural pressure to pursue a career as a higher priority than the family. Some have claimed it is possible to have it both ways. The reality is that more and more women are discovering that by definition there can only be one priority. If the priority is career, the family will suffer now and later.

Many women would genuinely prefer to be a homemaker. But those who are brave enough to face the wolfish cultural pressure may be confronted by another barrier closer to home. Today, many married men presumptively expect their wives to have a money-earning job outside the home.

Mother and grandchild baking cookies.

Traditionally—at least up until a few decades ago—men would be embarrassed if their wives worked outside the home. The men were…

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