Short Essay – Feminism’s Female “Friendship” Fraud

this is so different compared to what we are being taught these days as women that I had to reblog this for future reference and for your reading pleasure. Perhaps this is why church associations/fellowship is more safe and why reality t.v. “female friends” are so drama filled? How they wind us up and set us loose for the whole world to watch. These female relationships on T.V. are CRAZY! Women constantly upset with each other over one thing or another, mood swings will cause a homie to turn into an frenemy real quick. I like Duanes ideas here about female relationships being based on neighborhood associations in the past. It is interesting as I recall my past aquaintences were old neighbors I would meet and greet in passing as I dropped my kids off to the bus stop and picked them up. There was no drama there. Only when alcohol/partying got involved did the drama creep or should I say storm in! So called ‘sisters’ change like the weather…would that be the definition of a “fair weathered friend’? Hmph! Well I will tell you one thing, I don’t feel AS bad about female relationships have that have fell through after reading this piece. apparently those relationships were not sustainable based on history. It is interesting how modern technology such as facebook has allowed women who would have naturally stopped associating due to moves to have continued access to each other. This day to day running into eachother does feel sort of phony, knowing that naturally we wouldn’t associate just because of the natural progression of life nothing personal. It’s funny how we front. BUT this blog post by this experienced author really has me reconsidering why female relationships have went as south as they have. Family lasts….female friendships (unfortunately?) not always do. Thank you lady for this serious food for thought. this advice could really keep many women safer from harm and their homes even more safe from female competitors. I’m going to end here so that I can save what I wrote instead of having a mishap. Peace.

It's the Women, Not the Men!

party 2 Future mothers?

Throughout history, women have never had female “friends”. Men had (team-based) friends, woman had (neighborhood-based) acquaintances. “Friendship”, as we interpret it today, was never the basis for women, who were unrelated, to interact because young women were in direct competition with each other for the best men in town. And despite what radical feminism tells you, this has not changed. You want the best guy, you better be the best gal.

And you certainly didn’t want a “girlfriend” to possibly spoil the outcome, by

kids poartrying Future wives?

competing for the same man.

“Hanging out” with your “girlfriends” was unheard of up until radical, second-wave feminism unleashed the sexual revolution in the late 1960s and early 1970s, because until then the vast majority of young, single women were constantly chaperoned and protected by their family (i.e. – father). And, as future wives and mothers, the young women guarded their…

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