Old Single Women

Are you of the belief that older women should not be married? I mean if she has been married before and her husband passed away. That is one of the most acceptably benevolent ways to end up alone as a woman. Agree or disagree? I think if you have never been married as an older woman you will definitely be looked a suspiciously. Oh wait, that is not politically correct is it? You know…to judge? ****Shrugs Shoulders***
Now, here’s my take. You as an older woman still needs protection even up until death. As long as you 
can walk, talk, and think…you need to be figuring out how to get a husband. You are welcome to leave at this point and never come back again, because surely if this offends then you will not like the rest of 
what I have to say. I’ll wait.
Still here? Carrying on then! So if you are not the older woman in question here, but your mama is the old single woman then please tell her that she needs a husband of her own. Not having a husband of your own as an older woman brings up many issues and exposes you/her to many instances of being abused. 
If an old lady has no husband she has no protection! 
You are wide open to be harassed by neighbors, family, children, and grandchildren alike. Not to 
mention creditors, the mail man or any other scoundrel earth worm that may wiggle it’s way into a 
vulnerable feeble woman’s life! So My Dear, yes you in old age or your mama in old age needs their 
own personal protection in the form of a husband-body guard. 
Yes body guard! A husband is a body guard. He will look after you emotionally, and physically make sure you are safe and have something to eat. A husband will also make sure that you do not end up dead alone in your house or apartment.

There is a new phenomenon going around in Japan called Kodokushi, or Lonely death. Look it up if you dare. Basically this gender mix up has caused many men and women 
to determine the juice isn’t worth the squeeze . They decide to go about life alone until one day they just don’t come out of their house or apartment and stop paying rent. Maybe it is the smell of decaying flesh that sends of a odious signal that something isn’t right. Without concerned family and friends coming by this could really go on undiscovered for a lengthy amount of time…days, weeks, a year or more?! Yuck! It is so bad that the business of cleaning up single dead folks is booming! Enough of that grotesqueness and back to the business of why even an old lady, widow, divorcee, still needs a husband. Being alone causes quick illness. A husband and wife look after each other’s health. Women in particular have a way of looking after their husbands every cough (and dare I say keeping his bowel movements in mind. And I am not speaking of going over to look into the commode, but just an awareness of his regularity. It practically goes hand and hand with being your husband’s personal dietitian.An honorable husband will gallantly look after a wife’s health should she fall ill.A husband in old age is great company any time especially during a time of crisis or illness. Grandchildren and grown children are often busy or have moved far away and can not be tasked with being their parent’s guardian angles.

Now it is different if husband and wife no longer have each other. But to purposely go months and years without getting married or remarried does yourself a huge disservice.A married woman will enjoy the intimacy of a loving sex partner who is legally tied to her. This factor alone will erase much bitterness, because she is not allowing herself to be used for sex.A woman needs that marital love. It will help her not to be bitter, and regular sex lends itself to a more pleasing body composition.
There’s also a matter of life insurance and social security in the event of death which is soon coming. 

And please don’t say if it is God’s will for you to be married you will. You have to will it!Please don’t say Jesus is your husband, because he can not hold you at night, Sorry!Please don’t say you give up. Just get counseling, therapy, religion, what ever it takes to get you to a healthy mindset to where you are ready and willing to give and receive love, won’t you Lovely?

I have stated my case. What are your thoughts? I like you for reading, but I love you for commenting. MUAH!Are you a Son or daughter who doesn’t want your mother married/ remarried? If so why?Do you have any benefits to add to the list of why marriage in old age is beneficial and or preferred over single-hood, perpetual widow hood. As long as you’re alive there is someone out there to love you.

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