Glamour is Gorgeous Vol. #2 Essay 2

Another vote in favor of women in make up!

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Plain Jane? Not really.

Will someone please tell me what’s wrong with looking your best? Even Cleopatra wore eye make-up 3,500 years ago to improve her appearance. What’s the matter with the “no make-up” women of today? 

The answer? Anyone? Anyone? Correct, radical feminism. The ugly women don’t want the pretty women to get all of the attention, so they’ve brainwashed, forty-five years worth of women, to go “face-naked”, telling them they should be admired for their minds and NOT their appearance.

Now there’s a novel idea. Let’s all deliberately be unattractive!

Women, like female birds, are shrouded in a natural dullness. The dull colored feathers of female birds, shields them from predators, thus allowing them to blend in with their surroundings, thereby protecting themselves and their hatchlings from varmints.

Wallflower? Not really. Wallflower? Not Really.

Sick Suzie? Not Really.

This may work great for female birds in the wild but there’s no excuse for human…

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