1054. Coffee and Tea with Mrs. G. — #24

What Women Never Hear

Ladies, the pleasures of life don’t include our mistakes but our recoveries. Mistakes happen naturally. Recovery takes imagination and determination that overpowers our guilt and bandages hurt feelings. Some examples:

  • We yield too early before a man’s commitment morphs into devotion and marriage. We recover from wrongful (not bad) experience with virtual virginity. We seek to live up to something bigger than ourselves. (e.g., God, biblical injunctions, religious beliefs, doing right can overcome a previous wrong, future husband, reasserting our steadfast character is vital in both our life and upcoming marriage.)
  • We marry the wrong man. The modern way is to dump him. Guilt or hurt feelings remain, so it’s not recovery but the easy way out. Recovery begins when we drop the attitude that he’s the wrong one, and he detects no effort to change him. It continues with our becoming more grateful for who and what he…

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