954. Submission or Submissive? — Section B: The CEO

the answer to the power struggle in marriage

What Women Never Hear

With no CEO, families flounder from lack of leadership. With one CEO, they can thrive on effective leadership.

Two CEOs disagree, dispute, or fight over leadership issues and confuse each other and the kids. More importantly, spouses too easily succumb to blaming each other when things don’t turn out as equally planned, expected, or predicted. Finger pointing both cripples leadership and destroys family harmony.

Although best not talked about, aggressively or too assertively playing the marital power game is dangerous to a marriage. Without a submissive spirit in one spouse, constant turf battles ensue. Eventually destructive forces lead to split up.   

The natural form of marriage works as a power game with husband always on offense and wife on defense. Her best defense is to gain greater influence, which comes quite naturally very late in a marriage. The second best defense means not losing whatever influence she has, which challenges…

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