Make your Home yours

After googling “make your home yours” a little voice in my head just encouraged me to write my own post about it! I’m tired of searching and searching for answers instead of walking out my faith, duties, responsibilities, and my own creative ability. There really is nothing to it but to do it when it comes to cleaning and creating your home. As simple as this sounds, it’s laughable! Why do we look for information on things we already know deep inside how to do, or how WE should do them? 

Our homes are uniquely OURS! No one can tell you how to make your home a happy place to be in, because I believe only we know truly what that looks like to us. So with that said my encouragement to you on how to make your home uniquely yours is to JUST DO IT! Take small steps “puttering” around your house, moving things around to suit your fancy. Take things out that overwhelm you! My new philosophy as a homemaker is this: A homemaker is a manager of her home. It does not make good sense to drown in stuff that makes it harder for you to perform your task as a manager. If it’s too much, clothes, toys, books, (we’re going digital anyway so get rid of those old dusty books!) dishes,get rid of it. If you need things to do  your job well, laundry detergent, dish soap, towels, prioritize and get them. But time is short here on earth and I refuse to spend my short life tripping over junk, wincing at piles of clutter and pretending they aren’t there or better yet that my responsible 8 year old son or 6 year old daughter will “put the things away…” YEAH RIGHT! Just do it! You can do all things through christ who strengthens you, so believe in yourself, Christ already does.


~tidy homes and blessings!~

Tierra 🙂

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